Day Shevin

An animal you'd like to keep as a pet.

Well, Enrique and I aren't really 'animal' people. We don't really have an soft-spot for dogs or bunnies or anything, they are kind of just messy. I like the idea of having pets as a part of our family, but I don't really like the idea of having to take care of them and stuff. Dogs inside? I shed enough, we definitely don't need anymore hair. We don't like noise. And the smell. No thanks.
That being said we did choose some that would be ideal if they were outdoor pets.

Mini Alligators-Just because he wants a moat around our dream house. No reptiles for Jocelyn :)

Jocelyn :
Airdale Terrier--Look at this cute little face. I like their light brown/black color too.

Eric and I took a little vacation to Moab in February just for something to do and while we were there we saw the biggest/fluffiest dog we've ever seen. We like it. He was in the back of a truck, just chilling and watching people go to the grocery store.

Taylor Family Pet:
Great Pyrenees--This picture doesn't do this dog justice. He is LARGE and FLUFFY. We will probably end up naming him Walter. Or Gandalf. I think we have more pet names picked out then we do pets. This is definitely an outdoor dog, which is just fine with us.

No Birds. Ever.


Day 6

Today we are supposed to list our celebrity crush. Jocelyn's Crush: Alec Baldwin

I LOVE Alec Baldwin. The characters that he plays, especially Jack Donaghy with his dry sense of humor. He also has this look he gives people, kind of like the one in the second picture, he fishes his lips a little and raises his eyebrows-love it. His low whispery voice, Yum!

Eric's Crush(es): Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon

"I love both of them on SNL where they were co-anchors of Weekend Update, and I also love their current shows, 30 Rock and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

We both decided to do an actor and actress, but I really couldn't think of an actress that I absolutely love. I like a lot of them, Tina Fey, Sandra Bullock, Kristen Wiig, etc. I just couldn't pick.


Day 5--Holla at your boy

Well this post is only a little late..... Oops.

Music! I could talk forever about music because there's so much great stuff out there. I think I'm more of a 'favorite song' type of person, meaning I love specific songs and will listen to them over and over but don't like anything else the band does. But to make this a little easier and more general, I'll just pick a few bands that I do love pretty much everything they do.

  • Mae-- Specifically this song right now. I love Mae. Not just an amazing band but really great and giving people too. Go here.

  • John Mayer--I could listen to him all day. I know a lot of people think he's pretty jerky, but he is just SO talented. I especially love his Live in LA album, he has such great range. Probably one of my top 5 fav songs is the Heart of Life. Makes me cry sometimes; just a beautiful message. He is kind of hard to watch sing...I will be honest.

  • Maroon 5--Adam Levine has an interesting voice. Kinda high. I like it. This is a great cover. Side note, I don't like Alicia Keys but I love this cover.

  • Michael Buble-- There's a story to the reason I love older music and why I listen to it when I do the dishes. But it's for another time. I love his voice, yum!

And here are some of my favorite songs at the moment. I will listen to them until I get completely sick of them and can't listen to them for like a year. (example, The Audition. Love them but too soon) I listen to the radio a LOT so they get stuck in my head.

  • Boom--Snoop Dog ft. T-Pain. BOOM SHAKA LAKA!

  • Imogen Heap--Goodnight and Go

  • Rihanna--What's my name?

  • Kesha--Blow

  • Matthew Morrison--Make it real

  • Coldplay--Yellow

I also love soundtracks. Sleepless in Seattle is my very favorite.

On some other unrelated notes...

Yesterday Eric and I went and saw this

Arthur. It was really funny and enjoyable. Russell Brand and that dang Helen Mirren are great. She hosted SNL last week too, pretty good.

Anyway while I was at the movie theater I saw some exciting news.....

I LOOOOVE Tim Gunn and he's coming to Salt Lake!! Eric and I like to watch Project Runway and he is just the best. This is a little clip of him with some of the season 5 contestants. He is so proper and his vocabulary is very tasteful-so great. Hmm...what should I wear?

And one more exciting piece of news....

Eric and I have bid for our London Olympic tickets for next year! We should find out this month which games we hopefully get to attend. SO excited!! We have also been planning out our trip to Europe for next year and can't wait. London, Scotland, France are the plans so far. Any tips?

Well until next time Make it Work!


Day Four

A Dream of Yours...

Eric- Last night I had a dream a hamburger was eating me!

Jocelyn- "that was from Seinfeld"

Eric (seriously)- A dream? A dream I have is to be walking on the sidewalk and I see a brief case and I'm like BOOYAH! As I open the briefcase it is full of MONEYYY! So I quit my job and live the good life with my wife and do whatever I want. I've day dreamed about this countless times since I was a little kid. :)

Jocelyn (seriously)- I am not sure what kind of dream this is talking about, but I day dream about having a big family---with lots of kids and having the funds to do a lot of traveling. In this little dream we have a very large house that somehow is extremely clean and has lots of stuff from our travels. ("and a moat--with mini alligators in it," Eric) I make gormet meals and our family plays games and we just have the best time.

*note, this post was the exact conversation we had while writing it.


Dayyyy 3: Pet PEEvEs

Well this post could be FOREVER long because I am bugged by so many things. I think it even bugs me how much I let little things drive me nuts. I thought I'd just pick a few and tell you about them and then you can official think I'm crazy.

  • Wrappers. This is absolutely #1 on my list. I don't know what it is, but the sound of a wrapper just makes me want to run someone over. I know it's just a part of life...things need to be opened, but not when it's quiet (like in church) or in confined spaces (cars) and they should definitely not be opened by anyone under the age of 7 (little kids generally have a hard time getting things open--PLEASE do it for them. please please!!) I'm just not a fan of little plastic baggies (yuck, the word 'baggy' is on my 'peeves list too), brown paper bags that are crumpled, or those new chip bags-they aren't doing anyone a favor.
  • PeoPlE tHaT WRiTe LiKe tHIs orr thissss. Grow up.
  • Going to see a brand new movie. I've discovered that I can't handle this, no matter how great the movie is. It's just the silence mixed with the popcorn chewing/wrappers/and loud whispering. AHH!!!!
  • Socks. I really don't like to wear them or wash them or be touched by them. Eww!!


  • Rude people
  • Jocelyn's first pet peeve--why does this bug her so much?
  • Jerk drivers

Well obviously by this post I am definitely crazy. I mean who is bugged by socks? Just so you know I try my hardest not to let these things bother me. I usually just bite my tongue and deal with it. *even when my sister will find a wrapper and just crinkle it in her hand to drive me mad :)

p.s. An update from Eric; He is currently ranked #37 on the Seinfeld trivia app. Oooo impresive


Day Dos

Favorite Movies....

  • Eric: Ghost Town "I mostly enjoy all movies and if I had to pick one (which this is making me) I would pick Ghost Town because I've never laughed harder in a movie."

  • Jocelyn: White Christmas "I have a thing for musicals. And big velvet dresses. And Bing Crosby's blue eyes."

You can quote us :)


Day 1

So we're doing really good so far...haha missing the 1st day. But in my defense I had church, visiting teaching and a ton of homework. And it may or may not have taken us a long time to think of some 'interesting' facts about us.

Five interesting facts about Eric: (by Eric....he had to approve them)

  1. He has this insane Seinfeld IQ. He can pretty much quote every line from every episode. *side note-he is now currently ranked #77 in the Seinfeld trivia app on iPhone. Very brag-worthy :)

  2. In high school he had skunk hair--it was black with a yellow faux hawk.

  3. Exhibit A

  4. He has been in 5 bands since he was 15. He's plays the guitar, bass and sings.

  5. Eric has some really sweet dance moves. If you ask him he probably won't show you...but they make me smile so that's all that matters :) He's got great rhythm.

  6. His closest sibling in age is 1 foot and 3 inches shorter than him. Eric is 6'2 and Katie is 4'11.

Now five interesting facts about me:

  1. I was born in Spain

  2. In high school I had pink hair tips. I loved it . I guess Eric and I just had a weird hair-thing.

    Exhibit B

  3. I never really learned how to swim....I do remember going to swimming lessons but I'm not a very good swimmer.

  4. I'm absolutely scared of mermaids. I know they don't exist...I know. But the thought of them creeps me out. When I was little I watched the movie Splash with Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah--she gets into the bathtub and grew a fin!! How was I to know that when I got into the tub the same thing wouldn't happen to me? Anyway I still have issues with that.

  5. I love to travel and pretty much check Expedia/Airfare Watch Dog/Kayak everyday. Amongst other sites. I have a list a mile long of places I want to go.

Well I hope that was really exhilarating and we didn't scare you away with these super 'interesting' facts. Oh! And recent pictures of us....

Is December recent enough? These were taken at Disneyland during their fun Christmas time stuff.

Until tomorrow (hopefully) Au Revoir!